Naumi Hotel Suites


Located in the heart Wellington’s bustling Cuba Street, comprising of 62 boutique studio apartment rooms with floor to ceiling windows offering views of the iconic cityscape, Naumi is a luxury hotel that is above and beyond all expectation!

Boasting 4 suite types, each is decorated with its own personality.  The spacious Blush King with its panoramic views of the city is opulently trimmed with luscious gold velvet drapes, gold sheers  and champagne coloured walls and ceilings.  The Oasis King retreat is decorated with rich chocolate coloured velvet drapes, complementing white sheers and latte coloured walls and ceilings.

In the Habitat King, delicate lilac coloured walls and ceilings are complemented with sage green velvet curtains and ashen sheers.  Finally the Twin Habitat studio room is boldly adorned with cinnamon coloured velvet drapes, silky petal coloured sheers and russet painted walls and ceilings.

Each suite is furnished with eccentric custom designed carpet, retro styled curved wardrobes with striking rainbow iridescent sliding doors, elegant pendant lights, velveteen sofas and occasional tub chairs along with custom designed beside and coffee tables.  Naumi is also the only hotel to boast a 65 inch flat screen tv in each room.

Naumi Hotel is the perfect place to relax, unwind and relish in the moment.


Naumi Hotel Suites


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